Body Restraints

    This bondage gear will have you tied up in knots with everything from quality silk ropes to heavy duty cuffs and total restriction sets.

    Body Restraints (115)

    Subservient Starter Set


    Black Bondage Tape - 20m


    Bound to Excite - All Tied Up Bed Restraint


    HNRX ES Double Trigger Hook


    Sportsheets Neck & Wrist Restraint


    Neoprene Neck and Wrist Cuff


    10m Cotton Bondage Rope in Black


    Red Bondage Tape - 20m


    Leather Adjustable Leg Spreader With Detachable Cuffs


    10m Cotton Bondage Rope in Red


    HNRX ES 1 Metre Bondage Chain


    2.3m Rope Cuffs


    HNRX ES Bondage Rubber Thigh Cuffs


    Pink Bondage Tape - 20m


    Leather 4 Cuffs Hog Tie


    HNRX ES Padlocks


    HNRX ES 76cm Spreader Bar


    Bound to Excite Bondage Rope Black 10m


    Leather Thigh Cuffs


    10m Cotton Bondage Rope


    Daring Bondage Kit


    Padded Lockdown Underbed Restraint


    Leather Locking Bondage Belt


    30 Inch Leg Spreader


    Heavy Duty Neck To Wrist Restraint


    24 Inch Leg Spreader


    Leather Complete Bondage Restraint


    HNRX ES 60cm Spreader Bar


    Collar To Cuffs - Hands Behind Back


    Frisky Pussy Spreader Straps


    Metal Leg Spreader Bar


    Fetish Fantasy Bondage Rope


    Metal Neck To Wrist Restraint


    HNRX ES Auto Lock


    Bound to Excite Gag to Wrist Restraint


    Leather Adjustable Hog Tie