Turn your fantasy into reality with our extensive range of enticing sexy costumes that are suitable for every fancy dress party or fantasy dress up. We have uniforms catering for every fancy from Burlesque to Naughty Nurse to Sexy Schoolgirl outfits to flirty French Maids, in a host of sexy fantasy fabrics including Latex, PVC, and Satin.

Costumes (189)

PVC Melody Maid Dress in Black & White


Hold Up Socks


Mens Army Shorts Green


Leatherette Men's Military Top


Men's Leather Kilt


PVC Sexy Nurses Dress in Black


Latex Rubber Maids Dress


PVC Maid To Serve Dress & Cap


Pink PVC Nurse Joy Costume in Pink


Pink PVC Melody Maid Dress


Latex Rubber Natasha Nurse Dress & Cap


PVC Waitress Uniform with Apron


PVC Maid's Dress


Nymph Nurse Latex Uniform with Cap


Selina Cat Mask - One Size


PVC 2 Way Zip Catsuit


My Hot Angel Chamber Maid


Margot Maids Dress


Blood Stain Stockings - One Size


Nikita Night Nurse


Latex Rubber Maid Dress


Chamber Maid Minx


Wig Stand


Nurse White Cross Stockings - One Size


Mens Army T-Shirt Green


PVC Sexy Nurse's Dress


4 Piece Maids Outfit with Lace Up Details


Hair Net


Mischievous Medic PVC Nurse Dress with Cap


Indecent Orderly PVC Nurse Dress with Apron and Cap


Cross-shaped pleather pasties - One Size


Latex Rubber Matilda Maid Dress & Hair Bow